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Foreword from the Board of Director

You are in Indonesia with a definite objective in mind: you want to do business here, and you don’t expect to meet trouble or suffer losses from crime or unrest.

As a legally registered investor, banker or other executive, you have already demonstrated your faith in the potential of this land and its people to add value to your products and services. With this faith you put up your money and build up your business in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, we are facing a new aura of uncertainty in Indonesia, where crime spreads vigorously. The fact is, conventional security forces are not trained or equipped to cope with such complex threats, linked with problems in society as a whole.

Perceiving a market for corporate security equipped with the latest in training, hardware, management and intelligence, we present Gardatama Nusantara, here to serve contemporary and future security needs for those who take such matters seriously.

Contact us for a presentation; you’ll know why we are the best in this line of business.


PT Gardatama Nusantara

President Director

Syammy Dusman, SE


News Flash

PT Gardatama Nusantara win the Pertamina Hulu Energi project for the next 3 years. The security project consist of 222 personnel that cover Jakarta Office, Marunda area and Balongan area. The security contract effectively applied for period 18 May 2016 until 17 May 2019.

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