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Our Range of Services

With long and established experience in providing critical services, PT Gardatama Nusantara is in a position to create custom-made services for your firm.
Security Provider:
Plant and Office Security
A security system designed for medium- and large-scale industry. We protect you from potential threats of theft, sabotage, and from any problem that could jeopardize a company’s facilities.
Theft & Tracking of Stolen Goods
In recent months there has been tremendous concern in the oil & gas industry because of relentless major thefts of transport, along with expensive supplies and equipment. Rarely is anything recovered, and regional police seem powerless. Our military trained experts will hunt down those responsible for stealing from you, and use our skills to track and recover lost goods.
Personal & Home Executive Security
Custom-designed protection for executives and their families, at home and while traveling. With our protection in place, you can rest easy, in a world where kidnapping and harassment are annoying realities.
Internal Investigation
Is someone within your organization spreading lies and rumors? Do you suspect possible embezzlement or theft of products or equipment from inside your company? Gardatama Nusantara will track down wrongdoers, arrange legal prosecution for the guilty, and do our very best to locate lost items. We will protect your valuable goods when no one else seems to care!
Strengthening Community Relations
Gardatama Nusantara will get to know the local people in communities surrounding your plant site or factory. Our staff will listen to complaints and report them back to you unchanged. We will also build sport playing fields and train local youth in martial arts. Community employment programs will create support for and loyalty to your firm among local people.
K-9 Team:
We have well-trained K-9 teams to be utilized as Guard Dogs, Theft Tracker, Explosive Material Tracker, Drug Tracer, or to support security officer to control community unrest.
Security Consultant:
Area Analysis
Working together with the client, we employ military surveillance techniques to pinpoint areas of weakness and potential danger in your physical plant or building. Such a study will allow planning and intelligent decision-making for the most effective and cost-efficient preventive security setup.
Risk Analysis
Business & military intelligence techniques will be exploited to analyze weaknesses in operations, and to show where potential investments in security will pay off – and will strengthen your overall security net.
Labor Relations Expertise
Your operation will only succeed with the full cooperation of your staff and labor force.
We will listen to grievances, consult all parties, investigate real, imagined or malicious complaints and submit a confidential report to your management.
Sitting down with staff and workers to discuss problem areas will often defuse potentially violent or destructive situations. Our trained staff will work to resolve your labor problems quietly and fairly, but with conclusive firmness.
Application of Security Devices:
We have been licensed to use and install various security devices to accommodate client demands. Customized security systems may call for specific security devices, such as firearms, an electronic surveillance system, an explosive detection system, etc.
Security Courses & Training:
Certified Courses & Training
We run a certified security course and deliver training with excellent methodology, equipped with the latest technology and of facilities.
Internal  Security Staff Upgrading
We will provide a confidential appraisal of your existing security staff and setup with suggestions for augmenting its efficiency.
Gardatama Nusantara can also train your in-company security staff in the use of the latest equipment, software, organization and physical security.
Money & Valuable Goods Transportation Guard:
We provide secure transportation for your money and valuable goods. Our guardian team and transportation facilities are specially designed to deliver your money and valuable goods to an appointed destination with a high level of accuracy and security.