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Human Resources


Best of the security companies operating in Indonesia, Gardatama Nusantara can field a dedicated and experienced work force, capable of meeting and overcoming challenges.

Solid and good team management is the key to achieve PT Gardatama Nusantara’s mission and vision, and for the company’s performance and growth to continue to excel in the future.

Our Board of Directors are graduates of the best universities and business schools in Indonesia, bringing with them expertise in various disciplines, including the security business.

Our men are carefully selected for their loyalty, bravery and intelligence – willing to learn on the job. These are men from the whole Indonesian archipelago, embodying unity without exclusivity.

Most of our officers in the field have served with the Counter-Terrorist Detachment of Indonesian Special Forces, some having gained overseas experience.

Our civilian staff includes personnel with experience in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries, totaling 26 years. Their experience covers extensive offshore familiarity: they are conversant with field conditions and with the type of contemporary security problem which can arise without warning.

Our Project Manager has four years of experience in the State Intelligence Agency, has served in various multinational companies (including the oil & gas industry), and is a graduate of the Security Science School, Faculty of Science and Technology, Australia.

We have strong working relationships with government authorities related to domestic security, including the Police, the Army, the Marines, and the Navy.

We have also maintained strong interaction with various youth, religious, and political organizations.